Puzzle Warriors is a match-3 game combining hero card collection. Take action to reawaken fearless heroes and unite them to battle the evil. Start your epic adventure and become the legend of this puzzle land.


* Play with an immersive RPG experience.

* Collect and evolve hundreds of hero cards, each with their own breath-taking visual.

* Build your army of heroes, power up to unlock their special skills, refine the gears, prepare yourself to command the puzzles battlefield to a final victory.

* Farm resources when you are away from your device. Come back and harvest on time.

* Join a guild or be friend with other adventurers around the world, support each other in the fight against evil monsters, or hunt for treasure in the bounty missions.

* Battle your way to dominance of the dark dungeon, take on big challenges and earn better quest rewards.

* Participate in special events, earn trophies to climb up the ranking for the glory and bigger prizes.

Puzzle Warriors is a puzzle RPG game. Practice your skill, use strategy and teamwork to win the battles. We are constantly improving the game. In case of any problems, please do contact us at

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